For real virgin hair there is a abvouis factor than the fake hair, which is if it is getting wet it will still maintain a wavy style.

Most hair is imported from South america or India. And both of these origins offer you a low luster hair type onto their women. Therefore, if your ordered hair is a lot shiny, realise that it is really not real human hair but some kind of chemical may be put on to it, which, after you have washed off, will make the head of hair useless.

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Virgin hair, with no type of chemical whatsoever in it, will have a natural color, either dark brown, black or even a mix of both, with even some grey hair strands in it. If you are able to get hair in alot of shades, it¡¯s coloured, hence chemically processed without longer virgin. In addition, after you get your virgin hair and dye it later to fit with your hair, it is really not virgin hair anymore.

For those who have virtually any queries concerning in which and also how to use brazilian body wave hair (, you'll be able to contact us in the web page. Real human hair isn't really totally wavy or curly. If your hair bundle patterns a great S, or has some apparent wave style, it might have been chemically processed to look like it.Some respected companies do flat iron or straighten the hair so it can gain some sort of shape, but that shape will never be excellent, as you well realise that even after curling or straightening with heating equipment the hair will lose that perfect shape after a couple of hours.

Another telltale sign of virgin hair is that no two bundles from it will ever look exactly the same, as normally, the bundles come from different donors. So, if there are rows and rows of similar looking hair, turn away and go out, because that is definitely fake hair.

With my experience of utilizing virgin hair, both fake hair and real human hair knots and frezzes, it's not saying that real hair will never get tangle.From another point of view, if you purchase hair recently from some where online and notice that they are difficult to untangle and smooth, you may purchase a fake one.However, when the hair you bought is really long and quite often knots in the back of the neck, it¡¯s just probably because of the length of hair. If you can get the knots out very easily, you shouldn¡¯t be too worried.

Another best way to clear out if your hair is virgin or not, is simply dyeing it and find out if it turns colors correctly, when the color turns out a totally wrong one, it's not virgin. But exactly how to know your hair have been dyed before? do not be worried, just put your hair in the warm water, by washing a while the fake hair would fade other color into the water.

An excellent sign to see if your virgin hair is actually virgin would be to research the company you are buying it from. If the company has cleared customer services and return policies, or some money back guarantee, then it¡¯s probably because they are confident of the product.However, you shouldn't rely on it alone, and also ask around at Internet forums, other people who¡¯ve bought from them and those that generally have experience with this kind of thing.

Also remember that ALL virgin hair is not really Brazilian. Companies are also importing it from India as well as your vendor must be able to let you know if the hair you are thinking about is Brazilian or Indian.

Since most of Brazilian and Indian hair are rich, voluminous hair, it will get a bounce to it. If you have ever seen a Brazilian or Indian girl walk, you'll have seen that their hair features a style of life to them, and move about when they walk. If the hair bundles you are searching for seem too inflexible or straight, it¡¯s probably been processed.

Just like I mentioned before, for real human virgin hair everything in it consist of natural materials, natural colors and even natural undesirable things(grey strands, split ends...etc.), that's impossible to avoid.Good thing is always that these human flaws certainly are a sign of hair getting natural.

Most importantly, enable your good sense and instincts help you in your hair extensions purchase. With so many companies popping up all over the Internet, claiming to offer authentic, virgin hair, it's going to pay well to avoid any impulse buys, or discount deals. Do complete your homework regarding this purchasing, and if anything about the hair does not feel right to you, do not hesitate to ask questions. If you're not answered clearly or openly, it might not be the best place to make this purchase.

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We hope your quest for your rich, long tresses proves fruitful. All the best of luck!